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Sarah Parcak

Archeologist | Egyptologist | Professor | Author | Innovator

Space Archaeologist

October 17, 2018 | 10:30am | William Saroyan Theatre

@indyfromspace is the twitter handle Dr. Sarah Parcak uses to communicate her Indiana Jones inspired passion for archaeology. An Egyptologist, she has pioneered the use of remote sensing from space to expose many previously unknown archeological sites. Her (paradoxically) groundbreaking work has revealed seventeen potentially unknown pyramids as well as more than one thousand tombs and three thousand settlements in Egypt.  

Winner of the 2016 one million dollar TED Prize, Parcak’s expressed goal is to find every archeological site on earth and preserve each for future study. She is investing in, a citizen science platform for archaeology, to let people around the world help find and protect ancient sites and become partners in her important work preserving and studying the Earth’s cultural past. She is a Professor of Archaeology, a TED Senior Fellow and National Geographic Explorer.

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