Town Hall Ambassadors

SJV Town Hall Ambassadors 2022-2023

The Town Hall Ambassadors are members of the community who support our mission in word and deed.  They are season ticket holders who agree to spread the word about our programs and bring new attendees to Town Hall. They can often be seen greeting audience members, taking tickets, putting out cookies for our pre-lecture social, and seating guests.

Susan Anderson
Josette Arax
Lynn Baldwin
Susan Bartlett
Dianne and Don
Yvonne Bierk
Linda Boyajian
Jan and Norman
Nancy Busch
Adua Butticci
Joanne Crawford
John Crenshaw
Kay Davies
Kathleen Demas
Laird Durley
Cindy Duzi
Frances Florio

Gloria Floyd
Alyce Fourchy
Augusta Giffen
Rita Gladding
Dede Glaser
Wendy Gottlieb
Kathy Grazier
Judy Haber
Karen and Rich Hale
Jane Hammaker
Richard Hatfield
Charlene Heuer
Betsy Hurley
Irene Ikeda
Nancy Jones
Lisa Jura
Allison Karahadian
Lynne Kerr
Joyce Kierejczyk

Mary LaFollette
Hallie Lauritzen
Judy Hughes Leas
Barbara Lehman
Holly Longatti
Judith A. McDonald
Barbara Majors
Cam Maloy
Cynthia Merrill
Jane Moosolian
Patty Ochinero
Cynthia Perkovich
Sally Porter
Sue Quigley
Nanette Rahilly
Deb Reuland
Mari Ann Ricchiuti
Mike Robinson
Joan Schoettler

Carol Shanahan
Laura Silberman
Alexandra Stroup
Gayle Surabian
Chrissie Talley
Kristin Telles
Beth Teviotdale
Margaret Thompson
Cynthia Torrance
Edith Treviso
Judith Tucker
Linda Tucker
Barbara Vartan
Patricia Vived
Marsha Wagner
Susan Walker
Ann Wanger
Rosemary Waters
Suzy Wren