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Past Presidents

1938 Town Hall Forum of the West; Dr. Albert Rappaport, President and Director. Board of Directors: Mesdames Aydellott, Black, Blum, Hall, Blake, Lockwood, Lopez, Manson, Rowe, Vanderburgh, and Walker.
1938-1939 Fresno Town Hall Forum; Dr. Rappaport, President and Director.
Chair: Mrs. Guy Manson; Valley Chair: Mrs. George Aydelott.
1939-1941 President: Dr. Rappaport; Chair: Mrs. Manson; Valley chair: Mrs. Aydelelot.
1941-1943 Chair: Mrs. Guy Manson; Valley chair: Mrs. George Aydellot.
1943-1947 President: Dr. Albert Rappaport (San Francisco); Local officers as above.
1947-1949 Chair: Mrs. Fred Black; Valley: Mrs. Aydellot.
1947-1949 Chair: Mrs. Fred Black; Valley: Mrs. Aydellot.
1949-1951 Chair: Mrs. Fred Black; Vice Chair: Mrs. Wm. F. Stein.
1951-1959 Chair: Mrs. Fred Black; Valley: Mrs. Hall.
1959-1960 Chair: Mrs. Wm. F. Stein; Valley: Mrs. Hall.
1960-1961 President: Mrs. Lawrence Young; Valley: Mrs. Hall.
1961-1962 Officers: Mrs. Yung and Mrs. Hall.
1962-1964 President: Mrs Rollyn Gibson; Valley: Mrs. Hall.
1964-1966 President: Mrs. Gerald Blum (now a board member for 28 years);
Valley: Mrs. Richard Zug.
1966-1968 President: Mrs. G.W.E. White; Valley: Mrs. Zug.
1968-1970 President: Mrs. Guy Blakey; Valley: Mrs. Zug.
1970-1971 President: Mrs. Ted Markarian; Valley: Mrs. Zug.
1971-1972 President: Mrs. Ted Markarian; Valley: Mrs. Zaninovich.
1972-1974 President: Mrs. L. J. Snyder; Valley: Mrs. Fred Arndt.
1974-1976 President: Mrs. Rosellen Kershaw; Valley: Mrs. G. W. E. White.
1976-1982 Only “Directors” listed.
1982-1983 Fresno: Mrs. Erwin Lehmann; Valley: Mrs. Emily Johns.
1983-1985 President: Mrs. Richard Zug; Valley: Mrs. Donald Hodge.
1985-1987 President: Phyllis S. Wilson; Valley: Mrs. Hodge.
1987-1989 President: Mrs. Robert (Lilace) Turman; Valley: Mrs. Fred Arndt.
1989-1990 President: Mrs. Robert (Lilace) Turmon; Valley: Mrs. Thomas Pedreira.
1990-1993 President: Mrs. Ralph (Frances) Ermoian; Valley: Mrs. Thomas Pedreira.
1993-1995 Mrs. Arthur (Phyllis) Jing.
1995-1997 President: Mrs. Harold V. (Jean) Thompson.
1997-2000 President: Mrs. Marvin C. (Eleanor) Beil.
2000-2003 President: Mrs. William (Chris) Rogers.
2003-2006 President: Mrs. Wilburn (Carol) Cowin.
2006-2007 President: Mrs. Bruce (Jacalyn) Thornton.
2007-2009 President: Mrs. Michael (Georgia) Murach.
2009-2012 President: Mrs. John (Jolene) Telles.
2012-2014 President: Mrs. Don (Charlene) Heuer
2014-2016 President: Mrs. James (Julie) Beecher
2016-2018 President: Mrs. Dede Glaser
2018-2020 President: Mrs. Lynn Baldwin
2020-2022 President: Mrs. Jonica Bushman
2023-2024 President: Mr. Mark Benscheidt