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Past Presidents

1938 Town Hall Forum of the West; Dr. Albert Rappaport, President and Director. Board of Directors: Mesdames Aydellott, Black, Blum, Hall, Blake, Lockwood, Lopez, Manson, Rowe, Vanderburgh, and Walker.
1938-1939 Fresno Town Hall Forum; Dr. Rappaport, President and Director.
Chair: Mrs. Guy Manson; Valley Chair: Mrs. George Aydelott.
1939-1941 President: Dr. Rappaport; Chair: Mrs. Manson; Valley chair: Mrs. Aydelelot.
1941-1943 Chair: Mrs. Guy Manson; Valley chair: Mrs. George Aydellot.
1943-1947 President: Dr. Albert Rappaport (San Francisco); Local officers as above.
1947-1949 Chair: Mrs. Fred Black; Valley: Mrs. Aydellot.
1947-1949 Chair: Mrs. Fred Black; Valley: Mrs. Aydellot.
1949-1951 Chair: Mrs. Fred Black; Vice Chair: Mrs. Wm. F. Stein.
1951-1959 Chair: Mrs. Fred Black; Valley: Mrs. Hall.
1959-1960 Chair: Mrs. Wm. F. Stein; Valley: Mrs. Hall.
1960-1961 President: Mrs. Lawrence Young; Valley: Mrs. Hall.
1961-1962 Officers: Mrs. Yung and Mrs. Hall.
1962-1964 President: Mrs Rollyn Gibson; Valley: Mrs. Hall.
1964-1966 President: Mrs. Gerald Blum (now a board member for 28 years);
Valley: Mrs. Richard Zug.
1966-1968 President: Mrs. G.W.E. White; Valley: Mrs. Zug.
1968-1970 President: Mrs. Guy Blakey; Valley: Mrs. Zug.
1970-1971 President: Mrs. Ted Markarian; Valley: Mrs. Zug.
1971-1972 President: Mrs. Ted Markarian; Valley: Mrs. Zaninovich.
1972-1974 President: Mrs. L. J. Snyder; Valley: Mrs. Fred Arndt.
1974-1976 President: Mrs. Rosellen Kershaw; Valley: Mrs. G. W. E. White.
1976-1982 Only “Directors” listed.
1982-1983 Fresno: Mrs. Erwin Lehmann; Valley: Mrs. Emily Johns.
1983-1985 President: Mrs. Richard Zug; Valley: Mrs. Donald Hodge.
1985-1987 President: Phyllis S. Wilson; Valley: Mrs. Hodge.
1987-1989 President: Mrs. Robert (Lilace) Turman; Valley: Mrs. Fred Arndt.
1989-1990 President: Mrs. Robert (Lilace) Turmon; Valley: Mrs. Thomas Pedreira.
1990-1993 President: Mrs. Ralph (Frances) Ermoian; Valley: Mrs. Thomas Pedreira.
1993-1995 Mrs. Arthur (Phyllis) Jing.
1995-1997 President: Mrs. Harold V. (Jean) Thompson.
1997-2000 President: Mrs. Marvin C. (Eleanor) Beil.
2000-2003 President: Mrs. William (Chris) Rogers.
2003-2006 President: Mrs. Wilburn (Carol) Cowin.
2006-2007 President: Mrs. Bruce (Jacalyn) Thornton.
2007-2009 President: Mrs. Michael (Georgia) Murach.
2009-2012 President: Mrs. John (Jolene) Telles.
2012-2014 President: Mrs. Don (Charlene) Heuer
2014-2016 President: Mrs. James (Julie) Beecher

Special Event

Please join us for our annual special evening event featuring Astronaut Scott Kelly: Lessons from a Year in Space. Wednesday, September 27, 2017. William Saroyan Theater. Lecture at 7:30pm. VIP reception beginning at 5:30 p.m.

Evening event ticket orders can not be processed by mail. Please purchase your reserved seats through the Ticketmaster link on our website (Ticketmaster fees apply). No additional fees will be charged if purchased in person at the Fresno Convention Center Box Office: 700 ”M“ Street, Monday-Friday, 10 a.m.-6 p.m.

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The Events

Be sure to come out to hear our nationally and internationally renowned, thought-provoking speakers who inform, educate, and entertain our audience! All daytime lectures are held at the beautiful William Saroyan Theatre located in the Fresno Convention Center.


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Admission to all six daytime lectures of the 2017-2018 season, plus one single-lecture guest ticket good for any one daytime lecture.

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